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March 23rd, 2014 -by- Rhino

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It is almost hard to believe that this hot and sexy MILF was ashamed of her juicy fat ass. She watched all of the women on TV with their tiny butts and figured guys wouldn’t like what she was packing in the trunk. Then she was at the grocery store looking at the paparazzi magazines in the checkout stand and she came across the selfies of Kim Kardashian. Obviously guys liked women with big butts or they wouldn’t waste their time publishing her photos.

Armed with this new information she went to CasualMILFs to see if she could find guys that wanted her juicy pa-tootie. Sure enough guys were begging her for selfies. They wanted to see that wide ass of hers. She put this photo up and it got shared like crack in a crack house. Guys were telling her that her husband was a dipshit if he didn’t like her thick booty.

Now you can find her cheating on that douche bag of a husband all week long. Don’t feel sorry for that idiot. He brought this on himself when he told his wife she wasn’t pretty.

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February 28th, 2014 -by- Rhino

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Not to take away from sites like AllPornSitesPass.com, but their relevance is going by the wayside. Times are changing and so are the appetites of men the world around. As more and more economies come online the market for big ass cams continues to grow at an astounding rate. Soon there will be a call to all women of the world to measure their hips and if they are at least 40 inches plus, put down the apron and fire up the webcam. It is time to make some noise!

Guys are tired of putting credits into their spank bank to spend alone. With mobile phones it is now possible to have live chatsex with just about anybody else in the world. Right now it is possible for you to use your mobile device to chat with big ass cams in Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador and just about anywhere else babes with thick asses reside.

As this new world order for all things thick spans the globe even the Middle East nations won’t be able to escape it. On this blog the marked increase of traffic from Muslim nations is astonishing. It seems hypocrisy knows no bounds!

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February 22nd, 2014 -by- Rhino

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Now that is a ravishing blonde MILF with a nice juicy ass. She is a porn star, but that doesn’t mean you cannot dream of having her on your cock. Truth is there is a place you can go to hookup with other guy’s trophy wives that are ever bit as sexy as this hot blonde porn star is and they are well versed on the ways of the Karma Sutra.

It is about time you said hello to the idea of MILF dating for the sole purpose of having sex. With the baby boomer males hitting that point where sex isn’t as important and their balls shrivel up the women are turning to the Internet to fill the void between their legs. They weren’t ashamed to have sex like animals in the 60’s and they certainly aren’t about to become modest now.

When a lady looks as hot as this one is it is only right that you should bathe her in your cum load. Most women of this age will tell you that having a semen facial is actually beneficial to their well being. I just fucked a bitch two nights ago that swore by them.

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January 27th, 2014 -by- Rhino

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I am not sure if I would have paid to see this video. Luckily I found it on a free porn movies tube called Huge Tube. The site grabs the craziest videos from dozens of other sites and then gives you access to the best ones. This makes it so you don’t have to surf from site to site looking for good gonzo porn.

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Each video is tagged with keywords so you can find them using the search bar. You might fight it is easier to go through them on the category page that best fits your needs. They have plenty of videos that aren’t gonzo in nature in case you aren’t looking to double fist a porn slut anytime soon.

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January 25th, 2014 -by- Rhino

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Can you handle this much brown sugar in one location? The ebony webcam babes on WebcamClub.com have been sexing themselves up waiting for you to bring them some big hard cock. Don’t deny them their pleasure because you are denying your desire to be with them too.

Webcam Club has thousands of booty babes for you, but it is the ebony webcam shows that will have you coming back for more. Babes like CooperCarmichael are so fucking hot you will feel your eyes bleed right out of your head.


Okay, I was only fucking with you. There won’t be any Indian Jones crap going on here. But that doesn’t mean things won’t getting hotter than hell. Ebony babes know exactly how to tease that cum out of your cock.

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January 14th, 2014 -by- Rhino

When a girl gets extremely self conscious about her appearance she will often act out in ways that don’t fit with how she is feeling. Take the case of this porno of an amateur babe with a huge ass loving the attention she gets on her adult cam. Is she really enjoying all of that attention? I guess so because her pussy gets super wet later on in the video.

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December 23rd, 2013 -by- Rhino

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Forget about those sites that talk about matching you up with girls based on various forms of compatibility. Those sites are for people that want to get hitched to some bitch for life. We don’t want that kind of jazz here on Just Big Ass. We want no strings attached relationships with big booty hoes like the selfie slut above!

So how do you go about finding these bitches? Well, before the Internet you would have had to troll clubs in your area looking for phat butt bitches. Once you found one good luck keeping her. You’d have a crap load of dudes such as yourself trying to get into her mini skirt as well.

Now you can save a lot of cash and create a huge stable of phat booty hoes online without even having to leave the house. What’s more, you can also have the bitches come to you or you can break out your bus pass and go to them.

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December 1st, 2013 -by- Rhino

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I highly doubt that Mrs. Claus knows there is a cute little elf doing sexcam shows, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. For the rest of us in the know there can be some pain, if you’d like your private sex chat to go that route. When it comes to pleasing their fans you won’t find a more dedicate webcam model than HeatherBBY.

When it comes to Xmas music and decorations I hate how quickly after Thanksgiving everything gets plastered over. Where sexcams are concerned though, I don’t mind seeing young hotties in their Santa’s little helper outfits. I get all giddy.

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September 24th, 2013 -by- Rhino

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When SunshinePatry had a friend approach her about doing live sexchat she just about died laughing at the idea. After all, who would want to see this curvy girl get naked? She was sure there would be no takers. In fact, she often had sex with the lights off just because she thought guys would be turned off by chunky figure. After showing her other girls on Mega Cams this curvy sexchat model realized that with millions of guys watching cams some of them just might be into plus sized girls like her!

The beauty of this is that we get to see something else instead of the same old dry dog food (Barbie girls). They say variety is important when it comes to sex. Mega Cams seems to get this idea and have run with it.

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August 18th, 2013 -by- Rhino

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When it comes to thunder booty nobody can touch the quality of a fine Brazilian ass. That is why Aurum Escorts keeps plenty of thick booty Brazilian babes on hand at all hours of the day and night.

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The girls of AurumEscorts.com of London get vetted and know important it is to maintain your privacy. But should you want to display a girl on your arm in public they are also able to seamlessly insert themselves into any social situation. Take them to clubs, take them to dinner or take them to a black tie function. You will always be impressed with their looks and their ability to blend in.

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July 9th, 2013 -by- Rhino

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Being a fool I always thought Seymore Butts was an expensive site. I always hear about it on the Howard Stern show or my coworkers yapping about it at the office cooler. Then I went on over to PornTips.com and guess what? They got a link where you can join this King of All Booty Sites for just $9.99!

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June 24th, 2013 -by- Rhino

You should never keep a big ass pornstar waiting for you. It’s obvious that when a big ass babe like her shows her big ass like that there will be many other guys with hard cocks in their pants because of her that want to tap that ass. Just look at that naughty look on her face and how her ass cheeks look like two drums that are waiting to be played at… I don’t know what you’ve got to say about this babe and her ass but all I can say is that I would only back door fuck her all the time.

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June 22nd, 2013 -by- Rhino


At work she is known as the thunder down under. No, she isn’t an Aussie. She is a short with an ass that is plenty capable of creating seismic waves. In the sack she is known as Tsunami and with good reason. When you pump her with your cock from the back you’d better break up your rhythm here and there or you are liable to create a massive wave that will knock your ass through the wall behind you. Be warned!

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June 17th, 2013 -by- Rhino

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The thing about all these girls from fkgjkslksjlgkljdklskjlkgdfg.com is that most of them have big juicy asses and a pair of big boobs that can drive you man. Scarlet Lavey is one of these girls that loves to share naked photos of herself as she is doing all sort of naughty things. Today, she is a busty housewife that’s waiting for you to take your desert as it’s made out of a big big juicy round ass and a big pair of natural born titties. She loves it when the camera takes pictures of her like that, it makes her feel like a slut.